Thunderbolt Technologies


Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

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Yu Sumotomo has built a name as a visionary innovator in surfboard design and construction. “Yu-San’s” Thunderbolt Technologies combines advanced materials and innovative design features to decrease weight, enhance performance, and improve the durability of his boards.

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Working closely with “Yu-San,” we created this 3D animation to showcase the innovative AVT system which is built into every Thunderbolt surfboard. Highlighting the ingenious proprietary AVT (Advanced Vector Technology) system, the animation shows the step-by-step construction of a Thunderbolt board; from blank to finished product.

Handwritten ‘design notes’ tell the story of how these innovative surfboards are made, and how the AVT system works within the board.

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  • 3D Animation

I became aware of Roost through the impressive animation work they have done for other clients. When it became time for us to showcase the Thunderbolt Technologies that we use to build our Future-State surfboards, we engaged Roost to tell a visual story of the construction and technical details that result in the unique performance characteristics of our boards. Roost were incredible to work with, quickly developing a clear concept of our designs and solid grasp of what makes them special, skilfully weaving the raw script that we provided into a polished and highly-refined work of art. The end result far exceeded our expectations and it is safe to say that Roost created the best video of its kind in our industry’s history.

Yu SumitomoFounder & CEO | Thunderbolt Technologies